Different Types of Toy Storage For Small Spaces

When it comes to toy storage chest, there are many sizes and styles to fit any child’s needs. Toy storage chests are used for numerous purposes, from toy transportation to storage of extra belongings and holiday decorations. There is a style of toy storage chest to fit every child’s storage needs. From toy storage bins to stackable toy drawers or storage bins to keep items out in the open, to keep things neat and orderly, there is a toy storage chest to fit every youngster’s taste and budget.


Smaller children will find toy storage bins with shelves on the side or top to be handy and efficient storage options. For smaller children who love to play with cardboard boxes, these types of storage boxes with shelves are perfect. Many of the smaller boxes feature a slide feature to make the opening of the top easier. These types of boxes are also available in a few different colors, which can make them great gifts.


For larger children, toy storage boxes that feature open shelf storage or multiple levels are ideal. This type of storage can keep growing and developing children safe and protected from sharp and hard edged toys, as well as keeping clothes and other small items away from the small fingers of a child who might just want to play with a few pieces of a moving collection. For older children who want to keep their possessions to themselves, toy storage boxes with closed lids are also great options. These types of storage bins are usually made of a hard plastic material that features a number of intricate designs on the outside of the box. They are great for keeping the hands of toddlers off expensive possessions, while keeping the valuable contents of the box safe.


An inexpensive option for children’s toy storage is a simple wooden bench. A wooden bench can be purchased at most hardware stores for a very low price and can be left up in many different configurations. The bench can be made to accommodate different sizes of toys, so that even if a child’s toy box is larger than the bench, it can be stored behind the bench.


One more type of storage box for kids is the wall storage. There are many options for this style of storage. Wooden wall storage boxes can be made of pine, cedar, or other types of wood. These types of storage boxes can house many different size toys. Wall storage boxes can be found in clear or frosted glass, and in a wide array of colors. Some of these are designed specifically with toy companies in mind, to give children even more options when it comes to placing their purchases into their toy box.


For parents who are looking for an inexpensive solution to organizing and storing their children’s toys, DIY toy storage systems are an excellent alternative. Many people choose to build DIY toy storage shelving systems from simple scraps of wood and plastic. There are kits available for people who are interested in building their own shelving system from scratch, but for those who prefer to save money and build the shelving system themselves, there are plenty of plans and step-by-step instructions available on the internet. Using these plans can save both time and money, since the plans are typically more detailed and specific than the ones found in toy storage kits. The shelving systems typically take less time to put together, as well, since all that is needed are common household tools and some level of carpentry ability.

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